Royal Tower, Atlantis Bahamas

The Royal Towers, Atlantis Paradise Island

If you read my previous post about Atlantis*, you know how much I love the place. On this trip, in April 2018, I stayed in the Royal Tower. I took my niece for her 16th birthday, and my Aunt Claire came along too. This was my fourteenth trip to Atlantis, and it was really great seeing it with two people who had never been before.

My niece loved The Dig, and I lost count how many times we went through. I think it is the largest aquarium in the Caribbean, but don’t quote me on that. We both loved to watch the giant manta ray. It was great timing, since the ray was released back into the wild not long after we left. He outgrew the tank.

Our rooms were great. Even though I booked the rooms on different dates, they very nicely gave us connecting rooms even though I never asked. We had a great view of the ocean, and were just above the turtles and the sawtooth sharks!

I booked our dinner reservations about a month before our arrival, and I strongly recommend it. The best tip I can give you about Atlantis is, GET A MEAL PLAN! I generally don’t use all caps for anything, but I will make an exception here. The food is very expensive, getting a meal plan gives a set price to pay for breakfast and dinner. You are on your own for lunch. Also, drinks are not included. At certain times they do offer an all-inclusive option, but I would read the fine print. I’ll give you a hint on why this is so important. On one of my first stays, I did not get the meal plan. My mom and I happily charged everything to the room. When it came time for checkout, we had a hefty $2,500 bill for food and drinks. Let’s just say we did not make that mistake again.

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There are a couple of options, for adults I would go with the Gourmet plan, which includes breakfast and a three course dinner at any of the fine dinning restaurants. There is also a less expensive version that is best for families with kids. Some of the restaurants are excluded, so be sure to check before you make a dinner reservation. Although the food is expensive, to me it is worth it.

One of the best things about Atlantis, is walking around the resort and finding marine habitats that you have never seen before. There are hammerhead sharks, nurse sharks, turtles, and many more.

I found these nurse sharks between the Beach and Coral Towers. There was no one around but me, and they were two feet away. I thought it was amazing.

There is also the Aquaventure water park, which is huge. It has a very long, not so lazy river, and a ton of water slides. The iconic leap of faith slide that you see in commercials, is up a lot of stairs. I did it once, and that was enough for me. It’s fun, but it also gives the world’s biggest wedgie. I love the serpent slide through the shark tank.

It was another great stay for me at Atlantis, and I do recommend it. I’m sure I’ll be back for visit 15.

*This post is not sponsored by Atlantis, all opinions are my own. All photos and video are also my own.

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