Café Martinique

My Love of Bond

Thunderball poster
Italian Thunderball poster in my apartment

I love James Bond. I love the books and the movies, and pretty much anything associated. I have loved Bond since I was a little kid. TNT and TBS used to have Bond-a-thons on the holidays. A couple of years they ran a two week one from Christmas to the end of New Year’s week. We would watch them every Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years. I was probably way to young to start watching them, but I did. They don’t show them much anymore on cable, so my brother-in-law got the Bond 50 collection. We still watch them on every holiday!

I’ve been to Nassau, Bahamas a number of times, and I love to go see where one of the scenes from Thunderball was filmed. In this scene, Bond was trying to find a missing jet and missiles, stolen by baddie Emilio Largo.

Also in Thunderball, Bond and Domino eat at a restaurant called Café Martinique. There is a restaurant in the Marina Village (Atlantis) with the same name. The interior of the restaurant feels glamorous and old world, and the food is delicious. It is very much in the spirit of Bond.

Café Martinique
Café Martinique

My next trip is to GoldenEye in Oracabessa Bay, Jamaica. This was Ian Fleming’s estate where he lived after World War II. He wrote all fourteen Bond stories there. The Fleming Villa remains as it was, and they have built a very small resort around it. I am heading there in December, and I cannot wait!

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