The Missing Tombs

Ancient World Travel

I booked this trip with Ancient World Travel, a British company that specializes in Egypt and other archaeological sites in the Middle East. They were super responsive, and extremely helpful. All of their trips have a dedicated guide, a tour leader, and an expert on the sites of the trip.

The trip I booked was called The Missing Tombs. The tour is based on the sites found in the book, Searching for the Lost Tombs of Egypt, by Chris Naunton. The author was the expert for our trip, and he gave several great talks along the way.

It was a two week trip, starting in Cairo, and ending in Luxor. Many of the sites we visited are in Middle Egypt, where there are not many tourists. Which was really nice! I had such a great time on this trip, that I booked another tour for March with AWT.

Day 1 – Travel, Day 2 – Giza Plateau and NMEC

Day 3 – Saqqara – Part I and Part II

Day 4 – Alexandria

Day 5 – Taposiris Magna and El Alamein

Day 6 – Dashur

Day 7 – Beni Hassan

Day 8 – Amarna

Day 9 – Tombs at Meir

Day 10 – Abydos

Day 11 – Karnak Temple

Day 12 – Deir el Medina, Medinet Habu, and Qurnet Murai

Day 13 – Valley of the Kings

Day 14 – Saying Goodbye/Travel