Saqqara – Part II

Still Day 3! After a lovely lunch at the Saqqara Palm Club, we headed back to the desert. First stop of the afternoon was the tomb of Mereruka. This is a huge tomb filled with beautiful carvings, statues, and paintings. He was a Vizier of King Teti in the 6th Dynasty. There are more than 30 chambers in the tomb.

As you enter on the left side, there is this gorgeous carving of all different animals. The details are amazing!

I don’t know why I like the little hedgehog so much, but I go look for him every time. I have no idea if it’s true, but I read somewhere they used the fat from the hedgehog as a cure for baldness…A beautiful false door, and a crocodile biting a hippo’s butt. Something for everyone. šŸ™‚

Next up, the tomb of Kagemni, another vizier of Teti.

All of these tombs are in the funerary complex of King Teti. Next is Vizier Ankhmahor, whose tomb is best known for scenes of medicine and surgery, including a circumcision.

It was an incredible and very busy day. Finally, we head back to the hotel when the sun starts to set. What a day!