Manta Rays in The Dig

5 Tips for Staying at Atlantis

Photo of the unfinished Royal Tower in 1998
We stayed in the Coral Tower while the Royal was being built 1998

If you have read some of my travels reviews, you know I love Atlantis. I started traveling there in 1998, before the Royal Tower was even completed. I have been there fifteen times since then. That’s a lot of time to get to know a resort, so here are 5 tips for your stay.

Tip #1
Do your homework! Atlantis is expensive, there is no getting around that. I see a lot of reviews with complaints about the prices, as if it’s a shock when people get there. There is a lot of information on their website, including menus with prices! Make the effort, otherwise you’ll probably not have a great experience if you are thinking about money the whole time.

Tip #2
Get yourself on island time. Atlantis is in the island nation of the Bahamas. Since it is so close to the US, it is easy to forget that this is another country with a completely different culture. Another big complaint I see in reviews, is that the service is slow. You are not in New York City, you are on a Caribbean island that moves to its’ own rhythm, a slow one. In general, all of the employees are friendly and want to help you get what you need. Just don’t expect it in less than a minute. Once you accept the rhythm, you will have a much more enjoyable stay.

Photo of buffet breakfast at Poseidon's Table
Buffet breakfast at Poseidon’s Table

Tip #3
Get a meal plan. This goes along with Tip #1, and it will save a lot of headaches. If your party is adults only, the best bet is the Gourmet plan. This includes breakfast and a three course dinner at almost all of the fine dining restaurants. It does not include alcoholic drinks or tax. You are on your own for lunch. Pro tip: eat a giant breakfast at Poseidon’s Table or Mosaic, the buffet restaurants. After a couple of trips to the buffet, I am usually good until dinner. If you are traveling with kids, the Casual dining plan is probably your best bet. It is less expensive, but limits the number of fine dining restaurants included.

Tip #4
Book ground transportation ahead of time. In years past, just grabbing a cab at the airport was a good option. The drivers all had medallions and knew their way around like the back of their hands. However, in late 2017, there seems to have been some sort of de-regulation, where anyone can “lease” a portion of a medallion. My sister and I had two nightmare rides, one where Bay St. was closed and the driver got lost, then had to stop for gas. You can book a private car through Atlantis, or a cheaper option is to book shared transportation, also available through Atlantis.

Photo of Aquaventure at Atlantis
Aquaventure at Atlantis

Tip #5
Explore. Atlantis is mammoth, there are a million nooks and crannies that you can find just walking around. It is also fun to go into Nassau for the day, or even a couple of hours. Some places to head to are the Fish Fry and Junkanoo Beach, or to the Botanical Gardens. There are lots of cool things to do in Nassau, and the concierges at all of the towers have plenty of suggestions.

So, there you have it. My top five tips for a stay at Atlantis. There is so much to do, including the Dig, the Aquaventure water park, or swimming with dolphins. You might need more than one trip to see it all!

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